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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Introducing Rock Garden Alpacas Iris

Our second cria of the 2013 season arrived on Monday, July 8th around noon.  She is a beautiful very dark brown - possibly black -  little girl whom we have named Iris. Her Dam, Gianna's Peruvian Ivy is a Full Peruvian Dark Fawn and her Sire is PHA Accoyo Stratopshere, a Full Accoyo Medium Fawn

Iris was born 2 years to the day of her older sister, Zinnia - what a wonderful birthday present for her.

We were so fortunate with this birth - Ivy was actually showing signs of labor since about 8am.  She would lay on her side with her legs outstretched, would get up frequently, lay back down, roll occasionally.  This went on for several hours (labor can be anywhere from 1 - 6 hours), and then I noticed that she was going to the poop pile frequently with nothing really happening.

She had been laying out in the field for most of this time and then she came into the shelter where I had been watching from.  She laid down on her side and then started pushing, right in front of me!

It was if she wanted me to see all of this.

Once she had started pushing it was probably only a matter of 10 - 15 minutes until little Iris was completely out.

She was outside with her mother within the first hour of her life and had started to nurse about the 2nd hour.

What a fantastic experience this was - to witness our beautiful Ivy giving birth to such a precious little girl.

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  1. Aw.... Just look at Ivy and Iris together. How beautiful is that? Just wonderful.