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Friday, July 12, 2013

Introducing Rock Garden Alpacas Berberis

Thursday July 11th at 2:45PM our Sunflower gave birth to her 3rd cria, Berberis.  We have been awaiting this birth quite anxiously after her having lost her 2nd cria during birth last year.

We had been basically on lock down for the past 3 days - Sunflower was so swollen in her rear area and noticeably uncomfortable.  We had been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and had put so many things that needed to be done on hold; so when Karl said that he wanted to take the trash to the dump - which was only 10 minutes away - I figured why not.

 Well just as I have read from so many fellow alpaca farmers; that was exactly when Sunflower decided to have her baby.  I don't think that Karl had made it out of our driveway before she started delivering.  So here we were - Sunflower and I.

She started to push and the head was visible and then the legs - they were still in the amniotic fluid. I did as instructed and waited as patiently as I could, just observing.  I was so nervous for her - she wasn't pushing at all like Ivy did just a few days ago but there was some progress.  Minutes went by and she would only slightly push - the fluid sack finally broke and the little one started to move his legs.

Sunflower pushed slightly again.  I was getting nervous because it was taking so much longer - we were at 25+ minutes.  Sunflower gave a little push again and then her cria started coughing and  gasping.  I wasn't sure if this was normal but I wasn't going to take any chances with her cria this year.  Sunflower was looking up at me as if to say - give me a little help here please - so I knelt down behind her and applied a gentle amount of tugging pressure when I felt her push again and sure enough out came our little Berberis.

He was still coughing so I held him upside down for a short amount of time - thinking this might help with his lungs.  I don't know if it did or not but I laid him back down by his mother and waited.

He seemed to be improving so I left him alone so that he could try to cush and stand and bond with his mother.

It took a little time but within 2 1/2  hours he had nursed (prior to Sunflower delivering her placenta)and was standing and walking.

We are so happy for Sunflower - she is showing us how wonderful a mother she is to her little Berberis.

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  1. Three babies at Rock Garden Alpacas this month. How wonderful is that? Can't wait to see pictures of them jumping around in the fields. Hugs. :)