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Friday, February 8, 2013

There Have Been Some Changes

Here we are again, where does the time go? Another 3 months have flown right past us.  Of course, we haven't been just sitting and watching it go by.

We were - up until the cold, wet, frozen weather started, trying to do some more halter and lead training.  Cosmo and Zinnia know what is expected, although I must say, will try to fight us on it sometimes.  They want us to do what THEY want and not the other way around.  Masquerade on the other hand, proved to be quite the challenge.  As soon as we would try to lead him he would just cush and that was the end of it.  He is quite the strong minded alpaca with a huge stubborn streak.

We too can be just as stubborn; every day we would keep working on him, we would finally get him to stop cushing and then walk a little further into the field.  Unfortunately the weather turned in Masq's favor and we had to close off the back field and deal with the snow and the cold.  Hopefully, when the nicer weather returns we will find that he still remembers his lessons.

We also have a new member to our farm - Roxy.  We got her in December, she is a Full Peruvian - silver grey - bred to PHA Accoyo Stratosphere for a 2013 cria.  I will be blogging about her separately.

She and Sunflower, Ivy and Zinnia seem to be getting along well.

Speaking of getting along well, Karl and I had taken a Camelid Dynamics workshop back last summer.  We had been implementing some of the techniques, especially the T Touch.  We were astonished how it was working on our most difficult alpaca, Sunflower and then we sent her away to be bred.  We were concerned that those lessons would be lost when she returned but to our surprise, after a few days of adjustment, we found her to be more compliant.  It amazes us now just how much she lets us touch her and get near her, we thought that would never happen.

It is nice to see how the alpacas have grown to trust us.  We are truly enjoying our farming adventure.....

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