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Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Time To Breed

17 days have gone by since Sunflower delivered her cria.  This is the time when she should be receptive to breeding for her next year's cria.

After speaking with Ideuma Creek Alpacas, the farm that has the herd sires we are going to breed Sunflower and Ivy to; we decided that it would be better to send both of our girls to them for breeding and leave them there until pregnancy could be confirmed via ultrasound.

I was concerned about not having the girls here but it only made sense.  We don't have a mature male here that we can even "spit check" them with, and to drive back and forth would be even more upsetting to the girls.

Ideuma Creek provided a companion to stay with Zinnia since she would be alone, he is a gelded male named "Boots".  Zinnia looked for her mother and Sunflower for the first day but has since settled down and seems OK with her new friend.

Surprisingly it is Masquerade that seems to be upset with Ivy being gone.  He is often seen sticking his head through the gate and crying.  I don't know if he is upset that Ivy isn't there or that there is a new face over there instead.

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  1. Look at Masquerade's face. How can you not LOVE that face. He's just too adorable.