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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our First Ribbons

Alpaca Royale was hosting the 2012 American Fiber Rally - their first AOBA Certified Alpaca Fleece Show, so I figured why not, it was their first show and it was my first time skirting a fleece to mail into a fleece show so why not try this one.

I carefully skirted Cosmo, Zinnia and Masquerades blanket fleeces as described in the AOBA handbook guidelines.  Being this was my first time I am sure there is a lot to learn on how to do it better.   I registered and submitted my fleeces via mail as instructed on the American Fiber rally website.

Now all I had to do was sit and wait for the show and then for my fleeces to be mailed back to me.  The dates for the show were June 21-22, 2012; I received my fleece back on June 27th; when I opened the box there they were!

 Zinnias fleece took third out of 5 with the Judge noting that her fleece had "good character and above average fleece weight".

Cosmos fleece took fourth out of 6 with the Judge noting "Excellent fineness and uniformity".

And last but not least, Masquerades fleece took fourth out of 4 with the Judge noting "consistent in Micron across blanket".

You have 380 days from the date of shearing to submit fleeces for showing.  I will continue to submit these fleeces to a few of the upcoming shows to see where they place and what comments the Judges may have.  Any information I can gather will only continue to help me learn.

I am so proud of my three "kids".

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