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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Masquerade Has Arrived!

We were over to visit Masquerade at Ideuma Creek Alpacas during the week and Denise asked if we were ready to take him to his new home.  I told her "ABSOLUTELY"; she then asked if it would be alright for  him to come over with a "buddy".  She was a little concerned that since he was still upset about being weaned from his mother that perhaps the transition would go a little smoother if his "buddy Clarence" came along and stayed with us for a few weeks.  Saturday morning John brought the two boys over.

"Don't worry - I'll keep you safe"

He said it had been quite the ride over with Masquerade "crying the last 1/2 of the trip".  Once let out of the van they quickly began to check things out.  Clarence his buddy "aka the bodyguard" seemed to take charge right away.  Masquerade stayed in the background being quite shy.

We moved Zinnia back in with Sunflower and Ivy, her mother.  Zinnia was too busy trying to get close to her mother again that she didn't really pay much attention.  Ivy, while trying to show Zinnia that things were definitely different now, kept an eye on the two new boys.  Sunflower, whenever they would get too close to the fence that was now separating the boys from the girls, would spit at them reinforcing who was boss here.  Cosmo of course, wanted to "wrestle".

"So you're the new kid huh"
Masquerade was still too excited to really eat anything once it came time for evening grain.  Clarence, his buddy, had no problem.  Sunday morning we went down to grain them, Clarence was getting closer and closer with sniffing us and Masquerade seemed a little calmer.  We fed everyone their grain - they have their own dishes.  Well Masquerade was so excited to have his own that he ate it so fast he was choking it up.  It took him quite a while to calm himself down and I was a little worried that he would not like the grain after this.  Well, when we went down in the evening he again ate his grain, albeit much slower.  He even went so far as to sniff at my hand.  I think everything is going to be just fine!!!

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