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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ideuma Creeks Peruvian Masquerade

Look at this face!  I first saw this little guy when my husband and I were over at Ideuma Creek Alpacas visiting our "kids" and their cria.

He had just been born a few days prior and had yet to get a name.  I had helped Denise and John with some names for earlier cria.  I had suggested Bandit, Phantom plus a few others that I can't remember and then came up with Masquerade.  As I would find out later down the road, it was lucky for me that name stuck.

As stated by Ideuma Creek:

"You'd have to look far and wide to find a cuter cria than Masquerade. He's just adorable - in looks and in personality. He's got the sweetest temperament and very unique markings that make him - well irresistible. In addition to just plain ol' being cute, Masquerade has lots of potential. He comes from full Peruvian lineage. His dam is Raven, our true black Conan daughter, a paternal sister to Lancaster. Her fleece is amazingly fine and bright. Masquerade's sire is HRF Silver Bullet, a blue ribbon winning silver grey who is crimpy, soft and has remarkable density, especially for a grey. We love this little guy's spunk, his look, and the possibilities that lay ahead of him."

We knew that when it came time to separate the boys from the girls that Cosmo would be alone. I kept thinking back to Masquerade and when I mentioned this to Denise, she said he was available.

Masquerade fits into our requirements, he is full peruvian with lots of potential for color, crimp and the high quality fiber that we look for; oh, and yes, even his name fits my requirement for flower names - "masquerade" is a new type of marigold that was established last year so as I said earlier, we were very lucky his name stuck!

Masquerade will be joining our family in the coming weeks and I couldn't be happier.

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