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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting into the Routine

So it has been approximately 6 weeks since the arrival of "the kids".  Every morning around 8AM I take my butterfly topped walking stick and head on down with my husband to do morning chores and feed and spend time with our alpacas.  The walking stick was given to me from a dear friend to help me when I go for walks in the woods with my husband.  I find that it works perfectly on those slippery frost covered slopes in the mornings.

We clean up alpaca poo, check on and add hay if needed, put fresh water in the buckets and feed some grain to Sunflower (the grain hog), Ivy (quiet always standing guard), Cosmo ( trying to be a grown up male already) and Zinnia (the "smoozer", always looking to be pet).



Our vet - Dr. Tim - was here yesterday to administer their Dectomax shots - the last shot until next April.  He was pleasantly surprised at how they had adjusted since his last visit 5 weeks ago.  We also checked their eyes for any anemia using the Famacha method.  This is a way to check for the barberpole worm.  They were fine.  I asked him if I should be concerned that Zinnia doesn't always want the grain and he said that as long as she was eating hay and chewing on the grass outside that she would be fine.  We will continue to check their eyes monthly and if there are no other problems then we will see him in April for the beginning of their shots and at that point we will also start to check their eyes bi-weekly.  Dr Tim said he would also show us how to administer the shots ourselves.

This time of year we keep them in the upper pasture nearest to the shelters.  They stand there looking at the gate as if to say "what about down there?"

Since it gets dark at 5PM we usually head down to the shelters again around 4 and repeat the morning routine.  I can't wait for the nicer weather when the days are longer so that we can sit on our deck and watch them in the early evening hours until sunset.

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  1. Love the walking stick. The "kids" are looking good.