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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

IT"S OFFICIAL - We are a Farm!

October 30, 2011 the day had finally come - our alpacas had arrived! 

It was looking a little doubtful when we awoke to a 2 inch blanket of snow.  We did not know if the van they were arriving in was going to be able to maneuver our hill, thanks to it being all wheel drive it was not an issue.

It took our alpacas a few minutes to decide if they were going to get out of the van or not; Ivy was the brave one - once she jumped out they all followed.

It was only a matter of minutes for them to walk around and check things out when they realized how nice the grass was.  They immediately started eating it.  Denise from Ideuma Creek Alpacas was amazed at how quickly they did that,  She also was very happy with all the work that Karl and I and of course our helping friends, had done in preparation of our animals.  We were so happy to hear that - she said that what we had done was much more than she had anticipated and that she felt that Ivy, Sunflower, Zinnia and Cosmo were going to be very happy here.

Sunflower seems to have taken on the leadership role - wherever she goes they all follow.  Ivy likes to stand watch and Zinnia and Cosmo are ready to play.  They have been here for two days now and every time I look at them they are eating the grass.  They seem to like the shelter as they have no problem going inside for the nite.  They are still a little shy around us - hopefully in a couple of days they will let us get near them; Cosmo keeps coming up and sniffing me - he is very curious.

This is going to be a wonderful thing for us - preparing for it was unnerving at times - but now that it is a reality - it is great!

Now - off to the fiber mill this week with the fiber from last Spring to see what I want to do with it - keep posted...

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on officially becoming a farm! The alpaca's have found a new home. I love the pictures.