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Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 5 on the Farm

Well it's been 5 days since our "kids" arrived and  we are finding out that like babies - they pretty much just eat and poop - a lot of poop!  They hum and "talk" amongst themselves constantly and their facial expressions are priceless.  They are so curious whenever my husband is around - they watch his every move.

There has been a lot of concern this past week, among all the local alpaca farms, about barber pole worm  and how devastating it can be to an alpaca - I was originally scheduled to have our new vet come out on Friday the 11th but with all the worries I asked if he could come earlier being we are new to alpacas and really didn't know exactly what to look for.  He was wonderful and came today - he showed us how to check the membranes in the eyes to make sure they are pink - if they are pale or white he needs to be contacted right away.  He also is doing fecals to check for any other parasitic problems.  He said that they all seem happy and healthy.  He clipped Ivy and Sunflowers toenails - they didn't like that at all - and he gave them all their dectomax worming medication for this month.

We also went to an area fiber mill with the fiber I had from this past Springs clippings.  I had skirted the fiber the day before making sure to pick out all the vegetable matter,  any short cuttings or guard hairs, etc.  Heather from Dreamweavers said the fiber all looked good.  We discussed some options for processing and I decided to have roving made from the fiber I was leaving with her.  I did not realize just how long it takes to process the fiber - it will not be ready until April 2012.  I will be posting as it gets closer what I will have in my online store.

All in all I think our first 5 days have gone very well.

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