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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cosmo - 4 Months Old & "Practicing"

Well our future herd-sire is practicing his "technique" already at the age of 4 months - or as our grandsons put it over the Thanksgiving Holiday "Cosmo sure likes to wrestle!".

Of  course he hasn't quite mastered anything yet since I have witnessed him trying diligently from all angles on our 4 month old girl, Zinnia.  She keeps looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes as if to say "Will he ever stop?".  I assure her that in a couple of months he will be separated from her and that she will no longer have to let him "practice" unless SHE wants him to.


Until then, I guess our Cosmo will keep doing what we hope he will do quite successfully in another year and a half or so.

He is quite the character already - with a definite "here I am attitude".  His fleece is absolutely gorgeous, crimpy and full.  When you look at his neck you can see the Accoyo neck wrinkles all the way down to his back.

Practice makes perfect Cosmo!
Keep an eye on this future herd sire.  If you haven't already seen his lineage chart in this blog you can see it on his future herd sire page.

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