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Monday, November 14, 2011

.....And Then It Happened

What an unexpected morning we had today......

The fecal tests that were done showed some parasites - NOT the barber pole worm - so the vet wanted us to treat the "kids" with Safeguard liquid de-wormer for 5 days.  When we went to our area store they were out of it so it had to be ordered.  In the meantime we were still trying to get the kids used to  us and let us near them without freaking them out.  The poor things - since they got here - they have not had a chance to relax - first the new surroundings - then the visit with the vet (toenail clippings) - now medicine.

My husband and I managed to get the meds into them the first day without too much incident - but the second and third days were not as easy; they knew what was coming.

When we headed to the shelter the fourth morning our "kids" were inside.  I quietly snuck down hoping that they would not hear me so that I could shut the shelter door and not have to spend time corralling them.  My husband was laughing thinking that this was going to be quite interesting, but to his surprise (and mine) it worked!  Once inside we administered the medicine and then rewarded them with their grain.

Cosmo has been letting us touch his back while he feeds and does not run as quick as the others when released; but it was Zinnia who really amazed us.  She was suddenly standing next to me - I started scratching her back and she seemed to really enjoy it, then her neck, then she reached up and was sniffing my face with her nose.  The other alpacas had left the shelter and she still remained with me.  As I walked outside she was still by my side letting me scratch her back and neck - I would talk to her - she would stretch her neck up and sniff my face and then wrap her neck along my leg - I WAS THRILLED.

Then she went out to where the rest were waiting for my husband to let them into the lower field area; she went right up to him and let him scratch her back and neck.

We certainly didn't expect Zinnia to be the first one - what a great feeling!!! What a great way to start a day!!!!


  1. OMG What a cute thing. New follower from your sister's blog.

  2. Deb, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture. Too adorable and really precious. Have a great day. Linda