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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Been a Crazy Month But We Are Ready!!!

Wow - I never thought we would get to this point...

We survived Hurricane Irene only to get clobbered by Lee.  The shelters were fine but our basement didn't fair as well; so needless to say, some time was lost to dealing with that instead of the farm.

Once back on track though we managed to finish the interior stall work in the first shelter that we will be using for this Winter; including water and feed buckets, hay trough, pooper scoopers, etc. We also  finished installing the rest of the fencing and gates and stacked 150 bales of hay into the 2nd shelter.  We had to do some work on the road we have going down to the shelters, we put down some more Item 4 and graded the roadway - it will be fine. (My husband says "hopefully")

So the first mistake - we realized that we did not allow enough room for a hay truck or trailer to turn around in the area where we need to store the hay.  We created double the amount of work for ourselves because we had to transfer the hay to the back of our pick up and then to the building.  We will find a solution for that next summer.  We will also, at that time, finish the rest of the fencing that will divide the boys from the girls; we will be able to manage with the way we have it until then.  The second shelter will also be completed on the inside with electric and stalls and that will become the boy shelter.  By then I am sure we will have found some other mistakes.

Ivy, unfortunately, has been "absorbing her pregnancies".  My understanding is that this is not that uncommon with the weather conditions we have been experiencing.  She is not alone, other females being bred this season are experiencing the same thing.  We have decided to wait until next Spring to breed her again.

So we are ready - we should have our Alpacas within the next few weeks - Stay Posted!!!!!!!!!!!

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