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Monday, September 5, 2011

Rounding the Corner Thanks to Friends

Friends - what can I say about them - not enough!!

Our friends ( the abstract fencing friends - ( you know who you are )) came for an unexpected visit and were delighted to have come during the installing drainage phase of our adventure.  Now I don't want you to think that we are all work and no play - we did celebrate a birthday - enjoyed some good food, good wine and good times and then we worked.  When you have friends who are willing to get down in a ditch and dig out rocks (yes I said rocks) then help lay pipe and then help shovel in gravel; then you have to be pretty lucky people.  But, then when your friends suggest that you need to grade off an area better than you have because they are concerned that water will still drain into the shelter areas and that you should also create a swail  above the area to help direct the water away - you complete that - then hurricane "Irene" shows up, dumps a lot of rain and everything is OK thanks to their input - now those friends are golden and we owe them our THANKS. 

After they went back home we went on to finish the exterior part of the fencing.  Hayed and seeded the areas that we had dug up for electric and drainage.  As of this writing the grass is already coming in nicely due to the dewy mornings!

Our other friend, Tim was going to help us with the construction of the overhangs on the shelters.  He told us what we needed to do to prepare the pilings for the 4x4's we would use to support the overhangs.  After some trial and tribulations we got the 3 pilings for each shelter completed and when it came time for Tim to start helping us with the construction he only had to work his magic on one to bring them all into alignment. 

What a wonderful experience working with someone who knows exactly what needs to be done.  In one and a half days Tim had helped us frame out the overhangs for both shelters!! This would have taken us a very long time by ourselves and quite honestly I don' know that we would have been able to do it - this might have done us in.  Now we only have to put the metal roofing on to complete this step.

In the meantime Sunflower, Cosmo, Ivy and Zinnia are all doing fine.  Sunflower is confirmed pregnant with Cuba Libre's cria and we are waiting on the ultra-sound to confirm Ivy pregnant with Stratosphere's cria.  The first time Ivy was bred to Stratosphere she didn't take so she was re-bred; 
hopefully everything with be OK.  

We now need to finish the roofing, build the dividers inside the shelters and finish some interior fence lines.  We have ordered hay and have what we need in supplies for the shelters.  If all goes well we will be ready for delivery the 2nd week in October. (fingers crossed!!!)

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