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Friday, March 25, 2016

Our Herdsire Cosmo

Rock Gardens Accoyo Cosmo
AOA'S Top 5 EPD Trait Leader 2015, 2016 & 2017 for 
Fleece Weight

If you are looking to add some great genetics and fantastic fiber stats to your herd, this        herdsire is for you!

Cosmo has once again been named one of AOA's Top 5 EPD Trait Leaders for 2017 in fleece weight and will be featured in their presentation during the Alpaca Owners Association National Show and Auction in 2018; this is his third year in a row.

He has consistently been in the Top 1-15% for AFD, SF, %F>30, and %M, MSL & FW since 2013

Cosmo is a Full Accoyo, white multiple ribbon winner with extremely heavy, crimpy, dense fleece with a staple length of 4 3/4 + inches. His fiber shearing weight averages 14 lbs with 7-8 lbs of it blanket (after skirting). 

It's in his genes to be a fantastic herdsire! His sire is SA Accoyo Invasion a Full Accoyo, beige who is the son of PPPeruvian Royal Fawn. 

His dam is Alpavo’s Accoyo Sunflower Girl a Full Accoyo, white, whose sire was Accoyo Pinachi, adding a proven, yet rare Accoyo genetic to his pedigree. Pinachi was one of the best alpacas to come from one of the last imports from Peru in 1998. Personally selected by Julio Sumar for Derwydd Alpacas; Pinachi's fleece was super dense, bundled and crimpy with a high sheen.  Pinachi died in 2007 from pneumonia and with only 38 cria on the ground, his incredible genetics are very rare, very sought after and can no longer be reproduced. Sunflower Girl was the very last cria sired by Pinachi. Sunflower's dam is Accoyo Mayflower, a Caligular and Vengador grandaughter who also has extraordinarily dense, crimpy, fine fleece. A beautiful alpaca with the elite fleece characteristics that high quality, well bred Accoyos are known for. Vengador was the son of Shere Khan, Don Julio Barredos most famous Accoyo herdsire and one that he viewed to be "the perfect alpaca". 

Sunflower has consistently placed within the Top 1% EPD Traits for MSL and FW and the Top 5% for %M since 2013.

Cosmo started his breeding career in 2014. We bred him to our 2 girls, Ivy and Zinnia.

Ivy was also a Top 5 EPD Trait Leader in 2013 & 2015 for the Trait Standard Deviation of AFD and just missed by 1 in 2014. She has consistently placed in the Top 1-5% for AFD, SDAFD, SF, %F>30, MC and %M since 2013.

This pairing produced a beautiful dark fawn girl with fine, long, crimpy, dense fleece exhibiting all the characteristics of both of her parents. We named her Rock Garden's Perucoyo Peony. Her 1st year fiber stats were fantastic! 18.5 microns, Standard Deviation 4.7, Coefficient 25.2%, Spin Fineness, 18.7, Fibers>30 1.9% with a comfort factor of 98.1%. She has placed in the Top 1-5% for AFD, SDAFD, SF, %F>30, MC, & %M & the Top 25% for FW since 2016.

Zinnia is Ivy's 2011 cria who is a multiple ribbon winner who has consistently placed in the Top 1-15%  for the traits of AFD, SDAFD, SF, %F>30 & MC since 2013. 

This pairing produced an exceptional medium fawn girl; we named Rock Garden's Perucoyo Gladiola, who has beautiful long, crimpy, dense fiber just like her father.  Again we are pleased with her first year fiber stats.  Micron of 21.3, Standard Deviation of 5.0, Co-efficient 23.3%, Spin Fineness 21.1, Fibers>30 4.9% with a comfort factor of 95.1%. She has placed in the Top 1% for FW, the Top 10-15% forSDAFD, %F>30,. MC, and %M %F>30, MC and %M since 2016.

In 2016 Cosmo was once again bred to Ivy this breeding produced a bright white, silky fibered BEW boy who we named Periwinkle (Wink for short).  It was at this point discovered that Cosmo must have a white spot gene. If thinking about breeding to him then careful consideration would have to be made as to who to breed him to. When you breed him to a solid color, half the time he will produce an animal with a spot. And of course if you breed to an animal with a white spot then you may produce a BEW. We had bred him to Ivy 2 years ago and got Peony who is the spitting image of her mother - white spot on face and top knot - so of course we thought she had gotten the spot from Ivy.....

We had also bred Cosmo to our girl Petunia - who is Zinnia's daughter and Ivy's granddaughter, this pairing produced a very crimpy, dense, long fleeced little boy that we have named Digitalis (Digit for short). He appears to be a solid beige color at this time. 

Cosmo's breeding fee is $250.00 (drive-bys).

Cosmo would love to breed to one of your girls - please visit our Openherd site for more info.

Cosmo's Statistics

Formal Name: Rock Garden's Accoyo Cosmo
ARI Number:  ARI#32193350
Born:  July 16, 2011
Type:  Male Huacaya
Primary Color:  White
Status:  Proven
Heritage:  Full Accoyo

AOA'S TOP 5 EPD TRAIT LEADER 2015, 2016 & 2017 - Fleece Weight

4th Place 2012 American Fiber Rally - Fleece – Judge’s remarks: “Excellent fineness and uniformity”

2nd Place 2013 American Fiber Rally - Fleece - Judge's remarks:"soft hand with nice brightness" 

1st Place 2014 Hummdinger Show – Fleece – Judge Wini Lebreque remarked “Well-structured fleece with exceptional weight holding good crimp definition. Total Score of 81.5 points

2nd Place 2014 Empire Alpaca Show – Fleece – Judge Cheryl Gehly remarked “Good brightness and character throughout this heavy fleece." Total Score of 80 points

4th Place 2015 Alpaca Owners Association Nationals - Fleece - Judge Wini Lebreque noted "Above average fleece in a highly competitive class." Total Score of 80.5 points

Cosmo's Photo Gallery

Cosmo - July 2011

Cosmo - November 2011

Cosmo - February 2012

 March 2013

September 2014

                                                             December 2015

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