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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Busy Month

Well we are still here - since my last post we have been quite busy.

We had Item4 delivered to put down on the ground areas of the shelters; got that all raked out and level inside.  We dug the ditch from the house down to the shelters for the electric line and the seasonal water line. I say seasonal because we will have to drain the line before Winter; we could not get down below the frost line. (I do however have a lot more rocks for an extension to an existing Rock Garden!)

We HIRED an electrician to run the line from the house to the shelters and do the hook-ups for the two.  We then finished running the lines inside the shelter for the lights and the outlets that we felt we needed. (3 ceiling lights and 3 dual receptacle outlets) We filled in the ditch and raked more rocks, and we will reseed when weather permits.

In between all this Denise; from Ideuma Creek Alpacas asked me to assist her with her Vets monthly visit.  The alpacas were all getting their monthly shots and the cria were getting their first CDT shots.Some of the pregnant females were having ultrasounds done as well. Well it finally happened - a direct shot to the face - not once but twice in a row before I could even react to the first - alpaca spit!  I must say- a very unpleasant experience that was bound to happen one day.  I have now been christened!

Cosmo & Zinnia are doing fine.  They had their baby fleeces shorn so they will be much more comfortable during the hot summer months and their fleece for next year will grow in much better.  Ivy was bred to Stratosphere but it did not take so she will be bred again.  Sunflower was bred to Cuba Libre.

Denise had asked me if I wanted to volunteer some time at the Chenango County Fair this year.  The Southern Tier Alpaca Association was having their 1st Hummdinger Alpaca Show there.  I of course obliged - had a great time; assisted with color checking as the farms were coming in and then on the 2nd day I showed an alpaca in the show ring  for Denise.  I believe I could have done a lot better but everyone was kind in saying I did great. (A lot to learn if I am going to do a lot of these shows)

My head is just spinning with ideas of things I can do with the fiber (a blog for another day).  So many creative people were there.

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