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Sunday, July 10, 2011


She is here!  Our very first cria was born at 10AM on Friday July 8th.  She is absolutely beautiful - she is named Zinnia since the zinnias in my garden were also blooming for the first time this year that day.   I got to Ideuma Creek Alpacas 2 hours after our alpaca Ivy had given birth to her.

Isn't she wonderful?  After I had been there for a little bit and Denise told me that everything was good and that Zinnia had in fact already nursed on Ivy who is again showing she is a great mom, Denise went into the pen picked up Zinnia and handed her to ME.  WOW I could not believe how soft her fleece was and I could see little ringlets of crimp already.  Ivy stood right next to me making sure that I did not do anything out of line; but she let me continue to hold her a little longer.

When I put her down we let them go out into the field so mother and daughter could have some bonding time. How wonderful to watch the interaction between the two.  It really was a special time.

As I was watching I could not help but be amazed to think that Zinnia was inside of Ivy just a little over 2 hours ago!  She is just a BIG beautiful cria - Denise and John estimate her to be around 20lbs. 

 Her color is spectacular - her face has gray all around the mouth and nose and then on top of her head is a little darker shade of like rose gray - on the back of her neck is a little patch of lite gray and then over the rest of her body a beautiful lite rose gray.  Denise has already told me that she thinks we have a show fleece here - could we be that lucky?   Or is it just that Zinnia's parents are already both color champions, as you know her mom is Peruvian Ivy and her dad is Accoyo Zagot.

We are waiting for the vet to come and check Zinnia out- take the necessary blood work so we can register her with the ARI and give her any necessary shots. That should happen in the next few days.

She will have her birth fleece shorn in the next couple weeks that way when she is shorn again next May we can show the fleece.

Ivy - in turn - in a couple weeks will be bred again - this time to the legendary PHA Accoyo Stratosphere.

I can hardly wait for October when we can bring them to their new home here at Rock Garden Alpacas.

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  1. Deb, she's just toooooo adorable. I LOVE her. Linda