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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Saga Continues

Now that the cria have been born and everything is well; Cosmos IgG test results came back and his colostrum was only 100 (800 is what the vet likes to see minimum) so he did receive a transfusion on Monday at 10:30am to bring his count up so that his immune system will not be compromised, he is now doing just fine and Zinnia is getting more beautiful each day;  it is time to catch up on the farm progress. 

The posts and fencing that could be done prior to the shelters being delivered were completed.  We will finish the rest of the exterior and some of the interior fencing once the shelters are here.

We had to provide a level area for the shelters, this was another exasperating step, again one that should have been left for people who do this regularly, but since my husband and myself hate to pay people for something we feel we can do ourselves, we plugged along (with some help from our friend Tim).  We marked out a spot that we thought would work and proceeded to work toward a level area.  This is not as easy as it seems and required us digging into the ground in order to get all 4 corners (for each shelter) level and square. (Thank goodness we decided to go with 2 shelters vs one large one because had we stayed with the 12x36 we would have been digging one side down to China!).

We then added concrete blocks for the corners and center lines, concreted and re-barred in the open blocks, and filled the real uneven spots with bank run and then a top coat of gravel, we will put a top coat of stone dust on top of the gravel, inside the shelters, at a later time. 

It was time for the shelters to be delivered, first one - then the other.

They didn't lay out quite as easily as we thought but we are happy with them and will proceed onto the next phase - finishing the fencing, constructing the overhangs and finishing the inside ground area of the shelters.

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  1. You've done a lot of work since we were there in June - it looks like the finish line is coming up fast. Can't wait to see Cosmo and Zinnia (and you and Karl, of course!)