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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Our 2nd cria arrived 11:30 PM (Yes-PM - alpacas usually do NOT give birth at nite) on July 16th.  We have named him Cosmo, he is the son of Accoyo Sunflower Girl and Invasion, 8X Champion; 16X blue ribbon winner; one of the top full Accoyo herdsires in the Country.

This is Sunflowers first cria, I had been over to Ideuma Creek several times this week to check on Ivy and her cria Zinnia and also to see how Sunflower was progressing.  Her due date was in fact the 16th but she had been seemingly showing that she could go sooner.  When we were over during the day on the 16th for the Southern Tier Alpaca Association meeting and luncheon she was located in the same spot in the pen as she had been previously during the week.  She seemed comfortable - we didn't leave there until after 4PM and figured that maybe she would have her cria the next day - Sunday.  

Well I guess Cosmo had figured differently - marching to a different drum - he is already showing he is going to do things his way.  Being it was a nite time birth there was a question as to how much colostrum (mothers milk) he had received; his ears are floppy at this time - but that will correct itself - his fleece is VERY crimpy and soft.

Dr Camann - the vet - will be checking in Monday - she will do an IgG test which tests to see how much colostrum Cosmo received within the 1st 24 hrs - this is important because it will show if the immune system has been compromised.  She will also do any necessary bloodwork and shots as was done with Zinnia.  We did see Sunflower nursing Cosmo during the day so we are probably OK. 

I did get to hold Cosmo a couple of times Sunday - he is very loving - was not the least bit afraid.  His mother of course watched carefully but allowed me the honor.  

As I said previously in Zinnias blog - I cannot wait until October to bring them all home!

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