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Monday, June 27, 2011

Working On The Land and Fencing

We have to be honest here - this part of the project has been awful - if you are in your 20's or 30's or even early 40's then to take on clearing the land, picking out the rocks, brush hogging the land, picking out more rocks, raking all the land that was brush hogged, picking out more rocks, filling in holes, leveling the land out as best as possible, raking more land and picking up more rocks then you may find this work challenging.  When you are older than that and this farming is a new adventure for your retired years, then you may seriously want to consider paying someone to do this part of it.  We did get through it but it was not without a LOT of bickering, wondering what the devil are we doing this for, and some serious body aches.

We have  now moved onto the fencing.  A very good friend of ours offered us his post hole digger as he is moving to Florida and does not anticipate needing it any longer.  We purchased a new auger for it and proceeded to try it out.  We were able to get the corner posts in and concreted and then another 2 rows of posts.  Our friends were coming to help us with the fencing on the weekend (the friends who had given us the post hole digger).  

Lets just say that our fencing job was not exactly what our friend was used to.  I call it "abstract" fencing, thinking outside of the box.  We are not exactly in a straight line with all our posts but we are happy with our job.  Our friends did help us complete 90% of the posts and helped us with bracing the corners.  Had the weather cooperated with us just a little more we may have possibly gotten to the fence but that will have to wait a little longer. 

We did stake out where we are going to place the shelters - yes I did say shelters - we have changed our original plan of a 12x36 shelter to (2) 12 x 18 shelters spaced 10 feet apart so that we can build between the 2 to enclose an area for hay and have enough room for when we need to separate the boys from the girls. We are still going with the pre-fabs and then we will add between the two and build the overhangs onto each one.  We will order the gravel needed and wood required to make a level area for the shelters to be placed on. Stay tuned! 

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  1. Your fence seems to be coming along well. I recognize the area and can visualize what you are doing. By the way Debbie I found a notebook with information about the serger and I will keep it for you.

    Jim Meek