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Saturday, May 14, 2011

We Purchased Our "Girls"

After looking through countless websites - visiting area farms - taking in as much information on the types of alpacas available - I had decided that Full Peruvian - Accoyo - Alianza - huacaya alpacas were the way I wanted to go.  I have nothing against the Chilean or Bolivian alpacas it was just the history and the genetics of the Peruvian Accoyo mostly that intrigued me.

You will find as you read my blog that I am a true believer that things happen for a reason and that there are signs that show you that you are on the right or wrong path.  When we were thinking about what to name our farm I wanted to come up with something that said something about us and was a little different from other names; that is how we came up with "Rock Garden Alpacas". It was then that I decided that I would name the alpacas after different flowers in the gardens.

As it turned out, we had decided that we were going to purchase our alpacas from Ideuma Creek Alpacas - they had the lineage we were looking for.  This is where my "sign" comes in; I wanted two bred females - available for purchase were Sunflower and Ivy - they already had flower names!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are both going to deliver their cria in July.

Because we will not be ready to take them until the later part of September or early October it was agreed upon that they would stay at Ideuma Creek until then; this way they will deliver their cria there and be bred back for next years cria before they come here.   When we do take delivery we will then have 4 alpacas with 2 more on the way.

The excitement is starting to set in!!



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