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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clearing the Land

We wanted to make sure that our location for the shelter was close enough to the house to make it manageable for us.  We picked out an area that is about 150 feet away but that we can see at all times.

It has taken a couple of weeks in between the rain drops to cut down trees, clear brush, pick out rocks; make another rock garden from all the rocks - but with the help of my "big" brother and sister-in-law, we have gotten to the point where we are ready to mow it with the brush hog and let some grass grow.

We did leave some of the wild apple trees for shade but I limbed them all up so that the alpacas could walk under them easy enough.

We measured for how much fencing we will need - we have ordered 1000ft of no-climb 4ft high horse fencing - that should be enough for the outer perimeter as well as the areas needed to section off inside the fencing plus some leftover for changes down the road.  We are going to use landscape ties as the uprights to attach the fencing to.  We ordered 2 pallets of those which equals 176.

We have some friends who have generously offered to help us put up the fencing in the later part of June. This gives us time to fine tune the clearing - get all the needed supplies, bring in the gravel and level the area for the shelter.  We will need to leave a big enough opening in the fence line for when the shelter is delivered sometime in July.

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