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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Alpacas?


Mid life crisis – maybe?

A little bit of boredom – maybe?

Love for the outdoors and nature – definitely!

Tax benefits – definitely!

And; so it began.

We had plenty of land, and we had the time.  We had moved to the Southern Tier of New York on a full-time basis approximately two years ago. 

Our home is located in the beautiful town of Oxford, in Chenango County, NY.  We overlook the Chenango River, sitting atop a hill with a view for miles.

Being the outdoorsy types we were looking for something that both of us could enjoy.  I have a huge love for gardening and am very fortunate to have a husband who when asked to assist me in creating yet another rock garden somewhat happily obliges.  My husband is an avid hunter, fisherman, snowmobiler, and outdoorsman.  We both love to be outdoors, watch the wildlife, feed the birds and just are with nature.

Even with everything we do there is still room for more.  Although my love for flowers and sewing has given way to another adventure; Inspired Creations by D, Quilt or Hang – Fabric Wall Art - which is great during the winter months - I find I need to be outdoors in the nicer weather.

We went to buy a tractor to help us move the many rocks I needed for my gardens.  The owner of the business is an alpaca farmer – Tony Viola, Northern Star Alpacas.  I jokingly said, “now that we have a tractor, maybe we will become alpaca farmers."   He said “why not,” and proceeded to tell us about it.

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