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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Alpavo's Accoyo Sunflower Girl

Sadly, we lost Sunflower in 2018 - she will be missed - here was her story:

Genetics from well known Accoyos and rare Accoyo lineages!

Sunflower has consistently placed within the Top 1% of AOA'S National Herd EPD Traits for MSL and FW and the Top 5% for %M since 2013. Her son Cosmo was named a 2015, 2016 & 2017 Top 5 EPD Trait Leader for FW and has continually been in the Top 1% and 10% for most of the other traits. She has also given us two more future herdsires, Berberis and Stachys; both exhibiting fantastic genetics of each of their parents.

Sunflower inherited her dense, fine fleece from both of her parents. Sunflower's dam is Accoyo Mayflower, a Caligular and Vengador grandaughter who has extraordinarily dense, crimpy, fine fleece. A beautiful alpaca with the elite fleece characteristics that high quality, well bred Accoyos are known for.

Accoyo Pinachi, Sunflower's sire, adds the proven, yet rare Accoyo genetic's to her pedigree. Pinachi was one of the best alpacas to come from one of the last imports from Peru in 1998. Personally selected by Julio Sumar for Derwydd Alpacas; Pinachi's fleece was super dense, bundled and crimpy with a high sheen.  Pinachi died in 2007 from pneumonia and with only 38 cria on the ground, his incredible genetics are very rare, very sought after and can no longer be reproduced. Sunflower Girl was the very last cria sired by Pinachi.

Sunflower was bred in 2010 to 8X Champion beige herdsire, Accoyo Invasion and produced our Cosmo, a fabulous full accoyo white herdsire full of fabulous crimpy fine fleece.

Sunflower was bred in 2012 to PHA Accoyo Stratosphere, a Legacy son, 4X Blue Ribbon Winner, and 2 Get-of-Sires;  they produced our Berberis, a Full Accoyo  beige - future herdsire with the same dense, fine, crimpy fleece as his older brother, Cosmo.

We bred Sunflower in 2014 to Ideuma Creek's Accoyo Truman; who comes from top notch genetics, for her 2015 cria. Truman's sire is PHA Accoyo Stratosphere, a Legacy son and his dam is Accoyo Venice whose maternal grandsire is Accoyo Victor and paternal grandsire is Accoyo Royal Fawn. This pairing produced a fanstastic boy with bright white, crimpy, silky fine fleece that we named Stachys.  Soft and fine doesn't even begin to describe this boy - 2016 Fiber Stats: 16.4 microns with a 99.3% comfort factor. 2017 Fiber Stats: 17.6 microns with a 97.7% comfort factor; Mean Staple Length 121.2mm.  Stachys is exhibiting the same characteristics as his grandsire,  Accoyo Pinachi - on his dam, Sunflower's side; adding a proven, yet rare Accoyo genetic to his pedigree. Stachys's first EPD Report at the age of 1 placed him in the Top 10-15% of the National Herd for all but 2 of the traits. 2017 results put him in the Top 5-25% for all the traits!

Sunflower's Statistics

Formal Name: Alpavo Accoyo Sunflower Girl
ARI Number:  ARI#30844407
Born:  June 22, 2008
Type:  Female
Primary Color:  White
Status:  Proven
Heritage:  Full Accoyo

Sunflower's Photo Gallery


Sunflower with newborn Cosmo 2011 cria

Sunflower with 1 yr Cosmo 2012
Sunflower with newborn Berberis 2013 cria
Sunflower with Berberis 2014
Sunflower with newborn Stachys 2015 cria

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