Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Last Sunday was shearing day at at Rock Garden Alpacas.     

What this means for the alpacas is they get all their fiber shaved off.  

This is fabulous news for all of us waiting to see what the new season of fiber will bring and bad for the alpacas as they loose their clothes.       

 Until their fiber starts to grow back they're basically naked.  

However, this is really good for them coming into the hot summer months. 

They're a lot cooler without those heavy coats on.    

And, by shearing them at this time of the year it allows plenty of time for their coats to grow back.

After the shearing the fiber gets sorted and organized in piles as to where it's going.     

The "blankets" may be sent to the shows or processed, the 2nd and 3rd groups may be processed into roving, or may be  shipped off to the fiber banks, or cleaned and then processed and dyed or turned into batts by my sister. 

From the pictures I have to say that the fiber looks really, really good.   

Maybe some of it in one form or another will end up at the post office for "big" sister.  Hint! Hint!   

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Rock Garden Alpacas Accoyo Berberis

Full Accoyo; Berberis has beautiful fine, crimpy,  thick fleece on him.  He was registered as white but is very possibly beige.  He has an unbelievably sweet gentle disposition and a very bright future ahead of him.  Just look at his lineage below - Legacy as his grandfather and both Caligular and Vengador as his great great grandfathers - what a fantastic bloodline!

Berberis's dam is Alpavos Accoyo Sunflower Girl whose mother was Accoyo Mayflower the grandaughter of both Caligular and Vengador

Berberis's sire is PHA Accoyo Stratosphere, a Legacy son, 4X Blue Ribbon Winner, 2 Get-of-Sires, who is known to produce black. Strat's cria have earned more than 35 championships and more than 70 blue ribbons in the show ring so far!

Berberis's Statistics

Formal Name: Rock Garden Alpacas Accoyo Berberis
ARI Number:  32370805
Born:  July 11, 2013
Type:  Male Huacaya
Primary Color: White
Status:  Unproven
Heritage:  Full Accoyo

Berberis's Lineage

Berberis's Photo Gallery

7 months old


Rock Garden Alpacas Perucoyo Dahlia

Full Peruvian 5/8 Accoyo; Dahlia is a sweetheart with beautiful white fleece!  From day 1 she has been nothing but a pleasure full of energy that never stops!  We never expected her to be white - we were expecting a silver grey of some shade but I guess her Accoyo genes won out in this case.

Dahlia's dam is Bluestone Peruvian Roxy a full Peruvian 1/4 Accoyo dark silver grey girl who is a traditional grey with a tuxedo and all the wonderful markings and colors that traditional greys are known for.

Dahlia's sire is PHA Accoyo Stratosphere, a Legacy son, 4X Blue Ribbon Winner, 2 Get-of-Sires, who is known to produce black. Strat's cria have earned more than 35 championships and more than 70 blue ribbons in the show ring so far!

Dahlia's Statistics

Formal Name: Rock Garden Alpacas Perucoyo Dahlia
ARI Number:  32370812
Born:  June 12, 2013
Type:  Female Huacaya
Primary Color: White
Status:  Unproven
Heritage:  Perucoyo (Full Peruvian - 5/8 Accoyo)

Dahlia's Lineage

Dahlia's Photo Gallery


3 weeks old

7 months old



Rock Garden Alpacas Perucoyo Iris

Full Peruvian 1/2 Accoyo; Iris is an absolutely stunning girl with extremely fine, crimpy, uniform fleece.  We registered her as dark brown but when we seperate her fiber now we are seeing black uniformly throughout. I cannot wait to see her fiber stats this year.  I am expecting wonderful things with Iris and why not - just look at her lineage shown below.

Iris's dam is Gianna's Peruvian Ivy who was named amongst ARI's Top 5 EPD Trait Leaders in 2013 - she was ranked #3 out of the 5 for the trait SDAFD which is absolutely amazing considering that Ivy is 7 years old! Ivy's genetics are very rare and sought after in this Country.  Her dam, Peruvian Gianna, who passed away this year had a history for producing elite, quality cria. Ivy's sire, Alpha Antonio, is the product of two Jolimont Peruvian imports, one of them full Alianza.

Iris's sire is PHA Accoyo Stratosphere, a Legacy son, 4X Blue Ribbon Winner, 2 Get-of-Sires, who is known to produce black. Strat's cria have earned more than 35 championships and more than 70 blue ribbons in the show ring so far!

Iris's Statistics

Formal Name: Rock Garden Alpacas Perucoyo Iris
ARI Number:  32370799
Born:  July 8, 2013
Type:  Female Huacaya
Primary Color: Bay Black?
Status:  Unproven
Heritage:  Perucoyo (Full Peruvian - 1/2 Accoyo)

Iris's Lineage

Iris's Photo Gallery


With her Mom Ivy
7 months old

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ivy Named Among ARI's Top 5 EPD Trait Leaders for 2013

Our Gianna's Peruvian Ivy has been named amongst ARI's Top 5 EPD  Trait Leaders in 2013 and will be featured in a screen show, at the Nationals Conference in Harrisburg PA this coming March 14-16th; along with the other trait leaders, when you first enter the complex.

When her fiber sample was submitted and tested from her 2013 shearing she was ranked  #3 out of the 5 for the trait SDAFD - Standard Deviation Actual Fiber Diameter - out of a total of 27776; we are so happy for her!

ARI's EPDs or Expected Progeny Differences are calculated on nine fleece traits collected from standardized fiber analysis.

Here is an explanation of the trait in which she is #3!

Standard Deviation (SDAFD)

When AFD (Average Fiber Diameter) is measured from a sample of fiber collected from the mid-side of the alpaca, a four by four inch sample is taken and kept in staple alignment. The fiber testing laboratory maintains the staple configuration and cuts across the base of the staples generating many 2mm snippets which are measured using an analytical instrument. A histogram is generated which shows the number of fibers, as a percent of the total counted, in one or two micron increments. The base of staple AFD provides data on the fleece at a given point in time (shearing). The use of base of staple measurement supports contemporary group quality, critical to the development of valid and accurate EPDs.

Standard deviation of the set of measured fibers is also determined at this time. SDAFD shows how much variation or dispersion there is from the average (mean). The smaller the standard deviation the more uniform is the sample.

The SDAFD EPD aides the breeder in selecting animals which produce uniformly sized fibers. A negative EPD value indicates that the animal’s progeny will have, on the average, more uniform fiber diameter than the breed average.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Sister's Visit To Rock Garden Alpacas

Thought you might enjoy reading my sister's blog post about her visit to Rock Garden Alpacas.

In November I went to visit my sister and Rock Garden Alpacas. I had visited previously and posted about it on my Linda's Blog HERE. This time there were 3 new babies and one new alpaca I hadn't met yet, Roxy.

I have to tell you that the babies were absolutely adorable. Of course they were a little skittish at first and stayed with their mothers for the most part until it was time for Breakfast Club and Dinner Club. That's when Auntie held the hay in her hands and fed whomever was interested in fresh hay. The mothers would stand and eat while the babies would try to grab the hay from underneath. When it comes to eating all's fair in love and war even with mother's and babies.

This visit Sunflower, Ivy, and Masquerade were a little friendlier. Zinnia, who had followed me around like a puppy dog on my last visit was a little tentative due to being pregnant. The babies were curious as to who this new visitor was with Berberis being the most friendly - he kept trying to bite my pants.

Each time my sister and I went down to tend the alpacas Masquerade and Cosmo were there to greet us. Cosmo is the official Rock Garden Alpacas greeter and is not happy until you go over to say hello and he gets to nuzzle and kiss you.  To be fair I should say every time I went down to play with the kids while my sister went down to attend to the water, hay, and of course, the poop.  I draw the line at cleaning up alpaca poop.

Like the last visit, every time we went down to tend to the kids it was freezing. So, taking pictures was a little challenging. I did, however, manage to take a few. Hope you enjoy them.

It was so cold even the alpacas had frost on them.

Ivy and her baby, Iris.

Sunflower and her baby, Berberis.

Cosmo and Dahlia saying hello.

Masquerade and Roxy saying hello.

Zinnia saying hello.

The visit was not all fun and games with the kids. My sister and I had work to do. We had to work on her websites, package fiber, dye roving, dye fiber and card it into batts, add inventory to her farm store, attend a few meetings, and SHOP. Of course, there was shopping to be done. More on all of that later.